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Cover Wintershall Dea Briefing

Wintershall Dea: Expansion At Any Cost

Lennart Tiller
Herausgeber: urgewald e.V.
Jahr: 2021

Germany’s largest oil and gas company Wintershall Dea is planning a significant expansion of its fossil business under the public radar. This stands in stark contradiction to the most authoritative energy and climate scenarios. Instead of phasing out its fossil fuel dependence´and investing in alternative sectors, Wintershall Dea is further entrenching
its fossil business model. Meanwhile, the company is advocating for more dependence on fossil gas in the political arena, pushing the “bridge-fuel” narrative on all communication channels.

This background briefing provides a factual basis for investors and other stakeholders of Wintershall Dea. It briefly describes and analyses Wintershall Dea’s climate destructive business strategy and lack of climate ambitions. It also highlights a number of highly controversial business activities that pose excessive risk and harm to frontline communities.