New Silk Road

China’s new development model

Not only are the US and the EU expanding their global influence, the People’s Republic of China has created its own masterplan with the initiative “New Silk Road”. The vision: increasing prosperity with unlimited trade and new infrastructures – a win-win situation for all countries involved, states the Chinese government. China is already one of the largest donors for countries of the Global South. Can the super power offer an alternative to the present, extremely unfair and climate-damaging practice of the dominant powers?


Unfair practices

Is the criticism of China justified?

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Stay up to date on China's mega-project "Belt and Road Initiative" or large port, coal and hydropower projects with Chinese participation - all with potentially serious consequences for the environment and human rights. Four times a year, our China expert Dr. Nora Sausmikat puts together an exclusive selection of current developments for you by email.

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China’s development aid and investment loans do not focus consistently on either climate protection or human rights.

Dr. Nora Sausmikat, Urgewald e.V.

China as lender in the Global South

At the moment, the People’s Republic of China is the most important lender for numerous countries in Africa and Asia. In some cases, loans for huge infrastructure projects within the “Belt and Road” initiative threaten debtor nations’ sovereignty. How sustainable are Chinas credits? How necessary are regional or national China strategies for borrowing countries? Our short documentation provides insights into regional perspectives and key characteristics of Chinese lending criteria.


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