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Cover of Fortum Uniper Briefing 2022

Fortum/Uniper: Lost in Transition

10 Reasons Why the Company is not Paris-aligned
Vera Kauppinen, Sonja Meister, Sebastian Rötters
Herausgeber: urgewald e.V.
Jahr: 2022

The Finnish state-owned company Fortum and its German subsidiary Uniper like to present themselves as companies that pursue a “greener world.” But a closer look shows that their transition pace is too slow and lags behind that of other European utilities. Their coal exit is not Paris-aligned, and they strongly rely on fossil gas. Most of their coal is imported from Russia, Colombia, and Kazakhstan, while vast amounts of fossil gas are imported from Russia and Azerbaijan. The result is that every year billions of Euros flow to controversial companies or help prop up authoritarian regimes. Local communities, human rights defenders, and the environment have to carry the burden of this irresponsible business conduct.