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Airbus Dossier Cover English

Airbus - a Company in Decline

Mark Akkermann, Andrea Zellhuber, Barbara Happe, Niels Dubrow
Herausgeber: Stop Wapenhandel, terre des hommes, Dachverband der Kritischen Aktionär*innen, urgewald
Jahr: 2021

The Franco-German manufacturer of fighter jets, drones and electronic components for missiles ranks thirteenth among the world‘s fifteen largest defense groups in terms of
sales in 2019.

The enormous economic risks in pandemic times lead us to fear that Airbus will continue to vie for every order in the armaments sector. It will not matter in the future whether the
fighter jets supplied are used in the wars of this world against innocent civilians, or whether increasingly sophisticated border security systems prevent fleeing people from reaching safety.

The following case studies show examples of where Airbus products are currently being used to massively violate human rights: in the Yemen war, in operations by security forces in Brazil, or in the militarization of borders worldwide.