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Nepal Case Study Cover
Case Study

NEPAL: Tamakoshi V Hydroelectric Project

Early Warning Case Study
Prabindra Shakya, Alessandro Ramazzotti, Nora Sausmikat
Herausgeber: urgewald e.V.
Jahr: 2023

The Tamakoshi V Hydroelectric Project (TV-HEP) is a stand-alone AIIB project which came into the proposed project pipeline in 2018. It is a Cat. A project which means it has strong impact on the environment and/or livelihoods. It’s a run-of-river hydro generation project on around 100 MW installed capacity. This project for the first time offered us the opportunity to implement an early-warning -system approach. The plan was to monitor from the very start the implementation of the different environmental and social standards as well as the consultation with local communities.