Urgewald issues an action alert on Suriname oil development
Case Study

Suriname's Oil Development Made Possible by IMF, IDB and World Bank

Heike Mainhardt
Herausgeber: Urgewald e.V.
Jahr: 2022

The IMF, IDB and World Bank should help Suriname resolve its debt crisis without exacerbating unsustainable public debt and contributing to the climate crisis. Suriname’s economy is highly concentrated on oil and mining (gold and bauxite). Right now, Total, Exxon and other companies are seeking billions of US dollars in new oil investments in offshore Suriname. The public funding of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and World Bank must help Suriname become less dependent on oil production, not lead them to be significantly more dependent on it, which is the current plan.