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Wintershall Dea: One of Germany's biggest climate villains

Webinar on Wintershall Dea

Germany’s largest oil and gas company, Wintershall Dea, is a largely unknown climate villain. With this webinar we aim to shed light on some of its business activities, which fuel the climate catastrophe, contribute to war crimes and drastically impact human rights and the environment in many countries worldwide. Wintershall Dea has no plans to end its neocolonial model of oil and gas production.

The company made recent headlines when the Spiegel and ZDF Frontal came out with reports which link their Russian business (which makes nearly half of their total fossil production) with Gazprom's jet fuel supply for Russian bombers. Louis Wilson from Global Witness will tell you more about the facts and reasearch behind these allegations and about how Wintershall Dea fervently holds on to its business in Russia. But the company does also operate in many other parts of the world. Sonja Meister from urgewald will give a short introduction of the company itself. The company has an exclusively fossil portfolio and plans to expand it in the future: it has no intention to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels. Esteban Servat from Debt for Climate will inform you about Wintershall Dea's destructive gas and oil production in Argentina. This includes fracking in one of the world's largest shale reserves, Vaca Muerta, but also high-risk offshore projects. Andreas Randoy from Greenpeace Norway will shine a light on Wintershall Dea's production in the arctic Barents Sea and other environmentally sensitive areas in Norway, and on the company's CCS and blue hydrogen projects.

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Please note that the event will be held in English with no translation and that only the presentation part of the session will be recorded. Registered participants will receive a link to the recording after the event has taken place.

Event organised by: Urgewald. e.V., Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. and Andy Gheorghiu Consulting.

12.12.2022 | 18 Uhr