Globalization, infrastructure investments and safeguards

Regional Infrastructure Monitoring Alliance (RIMA)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also include the development of "sustainable, resilient, high-quality infrastructure" (UN). Multilateral development banks (MDBs) are actively involved in this global sustainability project. In sharp contrast, however, is the lack of accountability of the economic players involved.

To strengthen this, the Regional Infrastructure Monitoring Alliance (RIMA) was established. RIMA is a platform designed for senior activists from the region, including China. The core organizers are the four CSOs namely Urgewald, CLEAN, Growthwatch and NGO Forum on ABD. RIMA is an informal alliance of civil society groups from East, South and Southeast Asia as well as from Europe. It will focus on bilateral and multilateral financing in the region linked to BRI and includes specific knowledge generating on Chinese stakeholders. RIMA will closely coordinate with existing regional networks. The overall goal of RIMA is to support local communities and their livelihoods, fight for sustainable infrastructure that respects the SDGs, mitigates climate change, and meets high environmental standards. We aim for strengthening the voices of local communities and push for accountability of economic actors. We want to provide all participants with useful tools and help to engage with stakeholders to prevent climate change and doing harm to the people and environment.

RIMA will ease collaboration, provide additional resources to better connect, and exchange. It shall mainly ease personal encounters as far as possible/physical meetings, because it believes that true energy of collaboration is created in physical meetings. It has a regional focus and therefore communication, coordination and knowledge exchange are easier. It supports movements which are existing anyway to become more effective, resilient and long lasting.

What is special with RIMA: Our engagement on Human Rights, Advocacy and Infrastructure, with a focus on Chinese stakeholders.

RIMA is an independent non-formal platform which follows anti-colonial, democratic, gender-sensitive principles. Our credibility and independence are particularly an important asset and protection. RIMA does not accept any behavior which goes against the norms and values of the core sponsors as well as the represented Civil Society Groups. We do not accept authoritarian, racist, colonial, misogynistic stakeholders, attitudes or interference.

Possible outputs:

  • case studies for energy projects (AIIB/ADB and others)

  • training materials in different local languages

  • coordinating urgent actions concerning AIIB/ADB

  • knowledge sharing on Chinese finances and energy infrastructure investments

  • generating set of tools esp. for campaigning for climate protection, SDGs, and safeguards


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