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Prizes and awards

Heffa Schücking erhält den Preis als "Stromrebellin 2017"


The Urgewald managing director is chosen from campaigners all over the world to receive the Henry Arnhold fellowship from the US foundation Mulago. This particularly honours Urgewald’s campaigns for the finance industry’s coal phase-out.


The Urgewald founder is awarded the title “Power rebel 2017” by the green power provider EWS Schönau. EWS managing director Sebastian Sladek: “She can be very proud of simply arguing entire investment areas away, armed only with a computer and Excel tables, later making – no, forcing – entire boards to change their views!”


Urgewald is awarded the Solbach-Freise Foundation prize for civil courage. In the same year, Heffa Schuecking and ausgestrahlt’s Jochen Stay receive the “Utopia-Award” in the category “role models”.


The Greenpeace Magazine chooses 100 heroes and one of them is Heffa Schuecking. Further heroes on the list: Medha Patkar, Arundhati Roy, Dietrich von Bodelschwingh, Bruno Manser, Peter Lustig, Wangari Maathai and Astrid Lindgren.


ZDF-Magazin Mona Lisa awards Heffa Schuecking the “Woman of the Year” prize.


Urgewald founder Heffa Schuecking is the first German to receive the internationally renowned Goldman Environmental Prize for her commitment to protecting rainforests. See the video of Schuecking’s acceptance speech.


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